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This homepage presents the brief overview of my selected architectural design works, the content of my University courses and study-aids, several publications, presentations, research projects and a gallery of selected travel  photographs.

As an architect and construction engineer the focus of my work is designing family houses and multi-dwelling residential buildings, occasionally public or industrial buildings and various types of other architectural projects. The basic principles of my projects address the creation of tailor-made and personalized options to meet the specific demands of all kind of user's needs, the criteria of sustainability, low energy consumption (low-energy and "passive houses"), aspects of ecology and building-biology (healthy building) and the application of cost-effective solutions.  Regarding functional planning and space organization, my works aspire to provide flexibility and adaptability (open building), and regarding quality to apply all kinds of performance criteria (performance based building).

As an associate professor at the University of Pécs (Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering, Department of Urbanism) I am teaching and consulting on several subjects  involving building design and housing economics. This homepage also contains the descriptions of my education courses and the related material of presentations, tasks and study-aids.

Formerly as a fellow researcher in ÉMI npc (Npc for Quality Control and Innovation in Building) I participated in several domestic and international research and development projects (EU RTD Framework Programme)In connection with these projects, and also with my PhD research, I prepared several publications, studies and conference presentations, some of which are also available here.

My site also includes a gallery containing selected photographs taken during my travels in Hungary and abroad.


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