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R & D Projects


           EU projects:



         Participation and coordination in the thematic networks of the EU 5th RTD Framework



             2000-2003    Construction & City Related Sustainability Indicators (CRISP)

                                    Proposal No: EVK4-1999-0078

                                   Coordinator: Centre Scientifique Technique du Batinent (CSTB)

                                   Contractor: VTT Building Technology (Finland)

                                            Related publications in English:  4., 5.    

                                    Related presentations: 6., 7., 10.             

             2001-2005     Performance-Based Building (PeBBu)

                                     Coordinator: International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB)

  Related publications in English: 6., 7.    

          Participation in research and developmen projects of the EU 6th RTD Framework Program:


             2004-2008   EURopean Performance requirements and guidance for ACTIVE ROOFers

                                  (ACTIVE ROOFer) 

                                  Coordinator: TNO Building and Construction Research (NL)


             2004-2008   Design and Management Options for improving the energy performance of Housing


                                  Proposal/Contract no.: FP6-503186

                                  Koordinátor: ECN Energy research Centre of the Netherlands

       Related presentation: 11.                       

Related design work:                               

Multi-dwelling units / "DEMOHOUSE" 


       Projects in Hungary:


          Participation and coordination in research projects in Hungary:

            2001-2003  „Developing the Hungarian system of construction related sustainability indicators”

                                  in connection with the CRISP European thematic network

                                  Contracting Party: Ministry of Education

     Related presentations: 6., 7., 10.                      

                                                                                                                                                 Related publications in English:   4., 5. 


         2004-2008     Evaluation system for building constructions with a focus on building-ecology

                                and building-biology

                                OTKA  F046265 project

                                Prepared in: Independent Ecological Centre (www.foek.hu)

                                Researchers: Péter Medgyasszay, Zsuzsa Szalay, Zoltán Zorkóczy