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(In English) 


1.  Affordable Housing in Hungary - The Gödöllõ example"

     CIB W82 Conference on Sustainable Development and the Future of Construction" - Gödöllõ, 1997. okt. 8. 


2.  Breathing walls - An ecological approach to timber-frame construction

     "CIB TG25 Conference on Facade Systems and Technologies" - Budapest, 1999. április 13.


3.  Breathing Walls: A Challenge for New Sustainable Building Techniques in Hungary  

      2000 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Pacific Grove, CA, USA, 2000.08.20-25. 


4.  Sustainability issues in affordable housing

     Quality and Choice- Housing Policies in the Beginning of the XXIst Century

      International Housing Conference, 21-22. May 2001. Budapest


5.  Proposal for using a system of principles and indicators of housing quality and sustainability 

      in Hungary  

     Sustainable Building 2002, Oslo, 2002 September


6.  Hungarian system of construction related sustainability indicators    

     Environmentally Compatible Structures and Structural Materials (ECS) – 4th International Seminar on ECS, 

     Prague, Czech Republic. 19-20 June, 2003


7.  R & D strategies for construction in Hungary    

     FP6 & Construction Research in the Enlarged European Union

     E-CORE conference. Warsaw, 6-7 November 2003


8.  DEMOHOUSE – Hungarian Demonstration Project   

      DEMOHOUSE – EU FP6 project, Kick-off meeting, 26th – 28th January 2004, Amsterdam


9.  The Status of PBB (Performance Based Building) in the NAS countries

       Co-authors: Dr. Károly Matolcsy & Dr.Ing. Peter Matiasovsky. 11th Joint CIB International Symposium,

       June 13-16, 2005, Helsinki, Finland