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In International periodicals / issues



1.  Affordable Housing in Hungary - The Gödöllõ Example

            CIB 82 Future Studies in Construction - ´Sustainable Development and the Future of Construction

            Conference Proceedings, Budapest, 7-9 Oct. 1997, Bau Data


2.   Affordable Housing in Hungary: Initiatives, Peculiarities and Problems  

             Open House International, 1998 Vol 23, no2


3.  Breathing Walls: A Challenge for New Sustainable Building Techniques in Hungary    

            Co-author: Károly Matolcsy. 2000 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

            Pacific Grove, CA, USA, 2000.08.20-25. Conference Proceedings: Panel 10: Building Industry Trends


4.   A Proposal for using a system of principles and indicators of housing quality and

       sustainability in Hungary   

            Sustainable Building 2002, Oslo – Conference Proceedings.  


5.   Hungarian system of construction related sustainability indicators

            Environmentally Compatible Structures and Structural Materials (ECS) – Proceedings of the 4th

            International Seminar on ECS, Prague, Czech Republic. Edited by the IASS WG 18, March 2004


6.   NAS State of the Art Report - PeBBu Report (Final NAS SotA Report)  

            Co-authors: Dr. Károly Matolcsy & Dr.Ing. Peter Matiasovsky.

            CIBdf (PeBBu) General Secretariat, Sept. 2005, Rotterdam (NL)


7.   PeBBu Regional Platform: East European (EC 5th Framework: Performance  

   Based Building Thematic Network 2001-2005). PeBBu Regional Platform 3 Final Report

             Co-author: Dr. Károly Matolcsy. CIB (PeBBu) General Secretariat, September 2005, Rotterdam (NL)